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April 2011


The 2011 PHGA Golf Season Officially Opens With The Start of Permanent Tee Times (PRST)

Saturday April 23 is the official start of the 2011 PHGA Golf season. Please submit your dues by April 23 to be eligible for the weekly events. The weather has been unpredictable so far this year but managed to hold out last weekend for the Spring Scramble and Pot Games, April 9 and 10. Please go to the web site for results from both events.

Thanks to everyone who attended the Spring Smoker April 8. The event was highlighted by the Sponsor Raffle. When you visit one of the PHGA Sponsors please thank them for their generous donations and let them know you are a PHGA Member.

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Travel Event at Ravisloe Country Club

Ravisloe Country Club was established in 1901 and designed by Donald Ross, whose works include Pinehurst #2, site of two US Opens and scheduled to host the championship again in 2014. Other Ross courses in the Chicago area include, Bob-O-Link, Exmoor, Beverly and Skokie Country Club. In late 2008, after 107 years as a private club, Ravisloe closed its doors. In February 2009 veterinary surgeon Dr. Claude Gendreau purchased Ravisloe and reopened it as a public course. Take advantage of this opportunity to play a great golf course. The event will take place Thursday May 19, the signup sheet will be available in the Pro Shop and details posted on the bulletin board in the clubhouse on April 16. Check out the Club at

Memorial Day Holiday Event

The Memorial Day Holiday Event will be held Monday May 30 with an optional 36 and 54 hole tournament using combined scores from PRST Saturday and/or Sunday May 28 and/or 29. The tournament will be best 2 out of 4 balls, teams will be determined by the computer using an A,B,C,D format. Forms and sign-up sheet will be in the Pro Shop three weeks prior to the tournament.


Defeating the Wind

Being a golfer in Chicago you have played many rounds in brisk winds. Below are a few tips which can help you conquer the course on blustery days.

Hitting into the wind

You are faced with a shot over water to a green 160yds away, the wind is howling and it’s RIGHT in your face! What is going through your mind? Which club should you use?

Many golfers faced with this shot try to “muscle” the ball through the wind. The problem here is: making an overly aggressive swing will cause you to put EXTRA spin on the ball. This in turn will LIFT the ball upward into the wind, you will lose distance.

The better play is to club down (use a lower lofted club) and not force the shot. Make a solid pass at the ball and the less lofted club will start the ball on a lower trajectory with a reduced amount of spin allowing the ball to pierce through the wind toward your target.

Hitting with the wind

Tee it high, let it fly…Look out, I’m going deep!

You’ve  taken the longest tee out of the bag and are picturing the ball 50 yards in front of the other chumps in your group. You rare back, and……

Most golfers in this situation will over swing.  It feels like you are swinging harder, but launch monitor tests show that mechanics break down and swing speed decreases. Over swinging is done with the upper body taking the power generated by your lower body out of the swing. Next time concentrate on making a fundamentally sound swing. If you succeed, you’ll be the one way down the fairway.

Did you know:

Your ball will draw or fade less when you are hitting with a tail wind, more when hitting into the wind. Make sure to account for this to keep your shots on target!


  • April 16
    Palatine Hills Spring Team Tournament
  • April 23-24
    First PRST Weekend
  • May 19
    Travel Event - Ravisloe
  • May 28-30
    Memorial Day Holiday Event


PHGA Membership Dues
It is time to pay your 2011 PHGA Membership dues. Payment information is available on the PHGA Web Site ( Payment is required before you are able to participate in any PHGA sponsored events.  Before you forget go to the Web Site and submit your payment.

Easter Sunday PRST Information
Easter Sunday April 24 the attendance requirement for PRST times will not be enforced.

Prospective New Members
Please forward this newsletter to any of your friends interested in joining the PHGA. If you need more information on how to sign up a new member please talk to any PHGA Board member.


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