PHGA Newsletter
August 2011


Round Requirements Reduced for 2011 Takahashi Classic

Due to the number of rained out events, the PHGA Board has reduced the number of rounds required to participate in the 2011 Takahashi Classic. Any PHGA member that has completed 10 rounds by September 8 is eligible.

This event honors the memory of Jim Takahashi and the organization he founded. The PHGA is based on the objective to promote the best interest of the game of golf, good fellowship and sportsmanship among the association members.

The Takahashi Classic is a two-day, 2-player team net event with Championship Net-Total and and Best-Ball Supplemental payouts. Sign-up begins Saturday August 20, envelopes are in the in the Palatine Hills Clubhouse.

  • Fill out the front of the envelope.
    Be sure to make your dinner choices.
  • Payment by Check or Cash (make checks payable to the
    Palatine Hills Golf Association).
  • Seal the envelope by removing the adhesive protector.
  • Put the envelope in the BLACK BOX in the Main Clubhouse.
The field is limited to 50 2-player teams that qualify. The first teams signed up correctly have priority. To be signed up correctly, the application needs to have all blanks filled in and the entry fee must be paid.

Takahashi Classic Smoker

The Takahashi Classic Smoker will be held at the Palatine Hills Clubhouse Thursday September 8 at 7:00 PM. This is the deadline for signing up for the Takahashi Classic.

Pizza and drinks will be provided, come to submit your Supplemental team entries and for an evening of camaraderie with your golfing friends.

Labor Day Tournament

The Labor Day Holiday Event will be held Monday September 5 with an optional 36 and 54 hole tournament using combined scores from PRST Saturday and/or Sunday September 3 and/or 4.

The tournament will be Team Total Net, teams will be determined by the computer using an A,B,C,D format. Please go to the Labor Day Tournament link on the web site at to sign up for the Tournament.

There will be no envelope in the pro shop for this event. Forms and envelopes for submitting your payment are available in the Clubhouse next to the black box. Deadline for entries is Sunday August 28, sign up on-line today!!

President's Cup Match Schedule

The President's Cup Match Play brackets and rules are posted on the web site. Please check the brackets for the final results.


Travel Event at Bowes Creek Country Club

Located in Kane County on the west edge of Elgin nestled amid rolling hills is Bowes Creek Country Club, a premier 616-acre country club community.

The golf course and clubhouse were created to be enjoyable for all golfers, five sets of tees accommodate every level. The 18-hole golf course ranges from 6,900 yards from the professional tees to 5,000 from the junior tees.

Along with the golf course there is a full practice area complete with an elevated 30-station driving range with target greens at varying distances, putting and chipping greens. The clubhouse features a full-service pro shop, men's and women's locker rooms, and an English-style restaurant and bar. The event will take place Thursday September 15,check out the Club at


Prepare for Fall Golf

As fall begins and our friends down under prepare for their golf season, do not put the clubs away! Here are some tips for playing your best in the colder weather.

Tip 1-Be realistic! Understand that the ball isn't going to go as far or spin as much in the cold. You also have to be prepared for the fact that you can't go out there with the same strategy as a normal day. Be prepared for a challenging day and stay mentally tough.

Tip 2-Keep your hands warm! This is the single most important tip for cold weather golf! Your hands are your only link to the club, and you need feel to play good golf. If your hands are cold, you lose all your feel and your game will suffer, especially around the greens. Get yourself a nice pair of mittens and/or some hand warmers for your pockets. Wear the mitts whenever you aren’t hitting a shot, and take them off prior to hitting.

Tip 3-Cover your head and ears! Some say that between 7 to 55 percent of your body heat can be lost through your head. Whatever the science is behind it, it's smart to cover your head and ears with a wool hat or ear warmers. You’ll be more comfortable. Get yourself an ugly ski hat, and at the very least it will be a great conversation piece!

Tip 4-Play a softer ball. Golf balls don’t have compression ratings any more since wound balls went away, but some balls are softer and in cold weather you’ll want a ball that is easier to compress. A hard rock ball like a Top Flite XL will feel like a steel ball bearing on a cold day, so opt for a softer option, like the Srixon Soft Feel or Laddie.

Tip 5-Use more club! Check the ego at the pro shop bruiser, the ball doesn’t go as far in the cold. You might have to take one for the team and hit 1 more club on every approach shot, but at least you’ll be sure to get to the hole. Because the ball doesn't go as far, also consider playing one tee up from your normal length. There’s nothing that will ruin a day faster than having to hit 4 iron into every green.

Tip 6-Channel your inner Scotsman and play the ground game. If it's cold outside, it's likely the ground will be hard too. So use that to your advantage and play some run up shots and bump & runs. Forget the flop shot in the cold, as the ball won’t spin and the greens are harder.

Tip 7-Dress in layers. It might keep you warm, but wearing your ski parka will turn your golf swing into a slap shot. You simply can’t make a full turn in a jacket. Instead, wear a turtle neck or insulating layer followed by a shirt and thin sweater or wind shell. This layered approach will keep you warm and still allow you to make a full golf swing.

Tip 8-Don’t stop drinking fluids! Many people will substitute water and Gatorade with coffee and hot cocoa when it gets cold, and their game suffers. Your body still needs nutrients and hydration even when it’s cold, and coffee just doesn’t cut it. So, have your hot cocoa, but don’t forget to take a few sips of water to stay properly hydrated.

Tip 9-Hit it solid! That should be a no-brainer and it's not really a tip, since the goal of every golf shot should be solid contact. But seriously, you’ll know what I’m talking about the first time you take a mighty lash with a 3 iron and hit it a few grooves too low. Ouch!

Tip 10-Relish the challenge. Tom Watson got it. He loved playing in adverse conditions. You see, he knew that half the field was virtually eliminated before they even started because they dreaded being cold or getting wet and didn't really want to be there. If your opponent is hating life out there, you have the advantage if you do not get rattled by the conditions. So relish the challenge and take solace in the fact that everyone out there with you is playing the same conditions! At the very least, it will make you feel better.


  • August 27 and 28
    Palatine Hills
    Club Championship
  • September 5
    Labor Day Holiday Event
  • September 8
    Takahashi Classic Smoker 7 PM
  • September 10-11
    Takahashi Classic Two Ball Tournament
  • September 15
    Travel Event-Bowes Creek Country Club
  • September 17-18
    Adhoc Pot Games Begin


Adhoc Pot Games
Adhoc Pot Games are played on Thursdays throughout the year and on weekends both before and after PRST season. These games are open to all PHGA members. Just show up and sign up in the restaurant. In order to play, you must show up in person at least 1/2 hour before the first tee time. The number of players that can be accommodated is limited and is on a first-come/first serve basis. To check the tee times and number of players please go to the PHGA Web Site.

PHGA Scoring Reminder
Please put your PHGA Member number on your completed scorecard before dropping it in the black box. Also, write legibly so your correct score can be entered by the scorekeeper.

Prospective New Members
Please forward this newsletter to any of your friends interested in joining the PHGA. If you need more information on how to sign up a new member please talk to any PHGA Board member.


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