PHGA Newsletter
March 2011


Attend The PHGA Smoker To Open The 2011 Golf Season

On Friday April 8 at 7:00 PM the Palatine Hills Golf Association will hold it's annual Spring Smoker at the Palatine Hills clubhouse.  Start the golf season by  stopping by for some food and drink and enter the raffle for some great prizes.  Please bring a gift you would be pleased to receive (approx. value $20) for the member raffle.  This years sponsor raffle has some great items you won't want to miss. 

2011 Sponsors include:

  • Oak Alley
  • Brandt's Little Cafe
  • Agio's
  • Emmett's Brewing Co.
  • Golf Nation
  • GolfTec Schaumburg
  • ......many, many more
Participants in the raffle will receive for a $20 entry:
  • $10 Golfsmith Coupon
  • $10 Off at SportClips
  • $2 Culver's Coupon
That is $22 worth of coupons for $20 and a chance to win a great sponsor prize! Your entry helps to sponsor PHGA activities throughout the year. We hope to see you there!  Keep up to date with PHGA events at the PHGA Web Site


Palatine Hills PRST Drawing

Palatine Hills Golf Course Permanent Reserved Starting Time Drawing for 2011 will be held Thursday, April 7th at 7pm at Cutting Hall, 150 E. Wood Street. Please turn in your 2011 Permanent Tee Time Application to the Palatine Hills Pro Shop by March 28.  Please deliver the completed application in person to avoid any unnecessary delays.  If you have any questions please contact Dan at the Palatine Hills Golf Course.

Annual Spring Scramble

The PHGA Spring Scramble will be held Saturday April 9. It will be a two-man handicapped event using a combined handicap for the team that is an average of the two players individual handicap. Sign up for the event by emailing Scott Feldmiller -


Looking For Some New Clubs?

Common errors when buying new equipment.

'Buddy Fitting'

You hit your buddy’s club and really liked it, now you’re in my store wanting to buy one. A clubfitter would prefer you to bring his driver in so he can look at it to see what makes it so special. Most likely his shaft is the exact frequency match (stiffness) for you and the one you are using is not. Changing your shaft may solve your issue and save you HUNDREDS of dollars! It’s best to schedule a driver fitting to make sure you get a club and shaft combination that is going to perform the best for YOUR swing.

Brand Loyalty

I’ve hit ‘Brand X’ since I could swing a club, and I will always play ‘Brand X’ as long as I’m a golfer. If you’re one of these guys there may not be any swaying you, but at least go thru a fitting session to determine if ‘Brand X’ is performing the best for you. At the minimum the clubfitter can make sure you’re hitting the correct model of ‘Brand X’.

I want to hit what the pros hit...

Playing the same clubs that your favorite tour player uses is not going to guarantee you lower scores. Chances are, you will not have the same swing characteristics to warrant having the same set. Assuming you’re playing golf to shoot lower scores, it’s much better to find the clubs which are right for YOUR game..


  • March 25
    Palatine Hills Opening
  • April 3
    PRST Application Deadline
  • April 7 - 7:00 PM
    PRST Drawing
  • April 8 - 7:00 PM
    PHGA Smoker
  • April 9
    PHGA Spring Scramble
  • April 16
    Palatine Hills Spring Team Tournament
  • April 23-24
    First PRST Weekend


PHGA Membership Dues
It is time to pay your 2011 PHGA Membership dues. Payment information is available on the PHGA Web Site ( Payment is required before you are able to participate in any PHGA sponsored events.  Before you forget go to the Web Site and submit your payment.

Easter Sunday PRST Information
Easter Sunday April 24 the attendance requirement for PRST times will not be enforced.

Prospective New Members
Please forward this newsletter to any of your friends interested in joining the PHGA. If you need more information on how to sign up new members please talk to any PHGA Board member.


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